What Topics does CAP® Cover?

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BrightTalk has a series of recorded Webinars that cover all of the domains on the CAP® Certification Exam. These are presented by CAP® Certified professionals and members of the CAP® Certification board. These webinar do not teach you specific topics on the CAP® Exam, but rather explain the areas on which you will be tested.

Note: To view these webinars you will need to signup for a free account with BrightTalk.

CAP® Webinar Training Series Part I

Presented by: Scott Nestler (U.S. Army), K. Matthew Windham, CAP® and Director-Analytics at NTEL-X

Summary: Explains the history of Analytics, development of the CAP® Certification, and preparation strategy.


CAP® Webinar Training Series Part II

Presented by: Frank Stein, CAP®, Director, Analytics Solution Center for IBM’s Washington Office

Summary: Explains the first two out of seven domain in the CAP® examination: Business Problem Framing and Analytics Problem Framing.


CAP® Webinar Training Series Part III

Presented by: Robert F. Bordley, CAP®, Booz-Allen-Hamilton’s Troy, MI office

Summary: Explains the third domain in the CAP® examination: Data.


CAP® Webinar Training Series Part IV

Presented by: Subhashish Samaddar, PhD, CAP®, Director MS in Analytics, Georgia State University

Summary: Explains the fourth domain in the CAP® examination: Methodology (Approach) Selection.


CAP® Webinar Training Series Part V

Presented by: Alan Taber, CAP®, Lockheed Martin

Summary: Explains the final three domains in the CAP® examination: Model Building, Deployment and Model Lifecycle Maintenance.


Watching these webinars should give you a comprehensive overview of the CAP® Certification process. If you are looking for specific information and tutorials on the subject matter tested by the CAP® exam – stay tuned to this blog. I will be publishing posts on all the areas tested by the CAP® exam.

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